Why did I start Boss Laptop Bags? There’s only one simple answer to that. I HATE every laptop bag I’ve ever had since 2019. I started this blog when I only owned seven bags/pouches made from un-naturally woven plastic made in China to protect my computer. My computer is my baby. My baby is fragile.

Laptop Bags Suck

I made this blog to stop shouting from the rooftops my negative feelings about laptop bags. My throat has never been happier to get off a roof. I will take this new voice-saving direction to dazzle you with statistics, anecdotal evidence, and the use of the word unsatisfactory in bold often.

My 17 inch ASUS laptop that has enough power to edit sweet video, edit amazing photos, and run most of my other positive adjective work on it. The only problem with this is it’s 17 inches! No laptop bag manufacturer thinks there isn’t a reason to make 17 inch accessories for freaks like me. Bigger is apparently not always better. I am bringing the angry email sentiment to the NEXT LEVEL. I am writing semi-frustrated blog posts for the whole world to ignore.

Searching for One Bag to Rule Them All

I’m a tech nerd that believes in buying things once! If I’m buying a laptop, I want it to be able to replace my desktop if it dies. If it can’t replace my desktop, it should at least perform at the same level as the bench/back-up players in professional sports. I don’t expect the performance of a freak, but I do expect a competitive hustle.

Imagine my disappointment when I can’t find the perfect or tolerable product to hold my baby. I’m seven bags in the search and I can’t be satisfied. I use 3-in-1 shampoo and I like the new Star Wars movies. I’m not hard to please. I think the state of the laptop accessory marketplace is unacceptable.

There start of this blog is not based on noble intentions. I’m a dissatisfied customer. I’m a mad customer. I am a hard-to-please customer apparently due to due to my “freak” 17 inch problem.

patrick surrounded by bad laptop bags
Patrick (Surrounded by bad laptop bags) Holding His Frustrating Amazon Basics Bag

Amazon Gave Me a Basic Problem

I currently stuff my laptop on an amazon basics laptop bag that makes the same impression your grandmother gets when walking into a gym. Everyone thinks its such a cute thing to see and hope everything goes well. The event may go on someone’s facebook status. It may go down on someones Snapchat or stories (the rude ones). The grandma will get wilting respect from her peers though. The other seniors know what your made of the second she walks in. They now by her figure, facial looks, and walk how much she knows about the gym or what experience level she’s in.

Laptop bags shouldn’t be status symbols. They should get a job dobe, and it well. I will be commenting on the style factor as well. I’m not a robot and I assume you aren’t either. If you want pure specs and no opinions on a bag then this webiste is not for you. 

If you think laptop bags should protect, easily accept computers, and can look like you belong in the current decade of fashion. This is the blog for you. Check out my latest posts here.