Best North Face Backpack for Law School

The best North Face backpack for law school needs to meet some serious criteria to obtain the legal luggage crown. Law school will give you back-breaking work and an almost back-breaking amount of material to lug around on campus. Carrying three casebooks and a laptop for hours a day will wear on your back. So having a sturdy, organized, and big The North Face laptop backpack is crucial to the frequent trips to the library.

What is the best North Face backpack for law school?

The best north face backpack for law school is between the Transit backpack and the Router backpack. Both allow for law students to carry 3 casebooks and a laptop. A common everyday law school load.

The Criteria for a Great Law School Backpack from The North Face

Must Carry a 15inch-17inch Laptop

This is obvious. We need 12 tabs open for research papers, Facebook, and tabs for emails from the nutty professors. The processing power of 15 inch and 17 inch laptops are crucial for law students not to bang their head against the wall from a slow-loading machine. No one should have to bear going through law school on a Macbook Air. I used to work for IT back in my undergraduate days. I couldn’t believe how slow the 2014 Air’s performed.

Must be a 30 Liter Backpack

This is a size that can carry at least 3 casebooks and a laptop. I’ll be sharing North Face backpacks that are slightly bigger than this to store other electronics, clothes/sweaters, and the dying hopes of passing Criminal law with Dr. Pembroke. Casebooks are huge and fragile, there needs to be enough room for them not to be crammed in next to each other. Also, it needs to allow the storage of an umbrella. It gets old getting rained on while being unprepared.

Built to Last

These backpacks must be durable. The strain from all the heavy books will wear down on the light fabrics of cheaper products. I’m looking for Lifetime warranties. The North Face typically offers them for the higher end backpacks. I am not a decorated engineer to know what or why one fabric is better than the other. If you do know, please post that information in the comments below. The goal is for this pack to last you all the way through law school. No exceptions.

Must Look Professional & Stylish

The goal is to not look like a geek here. Also not tactical backpacks. Looking like a wanna-be soldier seems to be a popular trend in the more “durability” centered backpacks. I’m looking for a bag that says “I’m in a business suit, but I’m here to party. I’m being silly here but no one wants to wear the SwissGear red and black laptop bag. It’s so basic, uninspired, and it looks too big. It sags low after a few months of use.

These are the two best north face backpacks for law school I can find using our criteria above.

The North Face Router Transit Backpack

This backpack is my favorite out of the bunch. It has all the features that we are looking for. The big selling point is the 17 inch laptop compartment. I have a gaming laptop that gets neglected on most laptop bags in general. Even if you have a 15.6 inch laptop I would go for a backpack with the 17 inch offering. Why? Well that’s because the back has to physically be bigger to accept it! You know you’re getting the most room out of a bag that accepts the 17″ kahunas.

  • Chest Strap
  • Compatible with 17″ laptops
  • Removable waist belt (I never use these)
  • Big Second compartment for Casebooks
  • Big Umbrella Ready
  • Soft, padded top with a face handle
  • Two water bottle pockets
  • 41 Liters of Space
  • 3lbs of heavy duty material
  • Lifetime Warranty

This bag has everything we need. The North Face has this backed with a lifetime manufacturing warranty to back up their claims of building the best backpacks on the market. There is a 41L capacity that allows for our casebook requirement and plenty of room for extra items without the need to squish anything.

The North Face Overhaul 40 Backpack

This backpack has more style than the transit does. This bag also only allows 15-inch laptops, so my ASUS gaming laptop would not be welcome in this North Face offering. There’s still plenty of space for course materials, but the layout of the pockets and organized storage leaves something to be desired. You may like the layout, and it’s bound to make its owner happy if the style is a big factor in picking the right laptop bag for law school.

  • Custom molded shoulder straps and the back has a formed spine channel
  • The Laptop Pocket has an ejection handle to bring it out for airport security or easy access
  • Top-loading main compartment for books and binders
  • Big Umbrella Ready
  • A soft Padded tablet sleeve, surrounded by 6 storage placements on the frontmost pocket
  • 2 Zip Secured Side Pockets
  • 2 Side Handles
  • Soft, padded top handle
  • Chest strap
  • Lifetime warranty

Besides the 15″ laptop limitation and the storage pocket layout, this is a great law school bag. This will still help move your class materials around and ultimately help you pass the bar exam. This bag has plenty of room for all the important postgraduate course materials and electronic accessories needed for the late-night study sessions. Well, all-nighter study sessions if we are being honest. The search for the best law school backpack continues. What do you think of The North Face options? I think they nailed it.

The Ultimate Law School Backpack

I am still searching for the best law school laptop bag out there. The North Face has some great options here. Do you notice something missing in these options? Is there a pocket, zipper, or dream feature that is offered in a different backpack? IF so, please share it below so I can add it to this post. If there is enough responses from brands other than The North Face, I’ll make a new post about the best law school backpacks in general. If you’re more interested in an everyday carry backpack for professionals, check out the best list of Professional Laptop Bags for Men I made.

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