Professional Laptop Bags for Men

Looking for a professional laptop bag is tough. You’ll find yourself swimming through a sea of red on black combinations for cheaper options. You’ll hear someone shout “Go with Peak Designs! They’re the best!” (the most expensive) and other brands without a breakdown of what they offer. I hope I bring that breakdown to help you narrow down what laptop bag is right for you.

I suggest 3 laptop bags for most professionals. The Timbuk2 Armory laptop backpack, the eBags Professional Slim laptop backpack, and The North Face Router Transit laptop backpack.

Why are all of these laptop bags backpacks Patrick? Bosses don’t wear backpacks! Carrying laptop bags and messenger bags are less ergonomic. Why does that matter? It’s due to muscle viruses as I like to call them, but we will go over that, and all the other criteria it takes to make a rock-solid professional laptop bag below. First, let’s start with Ergonomics.


Most men in modern-day America suffer from a few muscle imbalances developed from a common sedentary American lifestyle. I know this lifestyle all too well because I sit for over 10 hours a day between work and my blog writing lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle cements muscle imbalances into our biology at an early age.

The common muscle imbalance men have are actively engaged when carrying a messenger bag or briefcase. The common muscle imbalance of the shoulder for men. We have been writing with a dominant hand, eating with a dominant hand, and have been using our muscles from the dominant side of our bodies for years. Messenger bags and handle-carried laptop bags enforce this bad habit. Check out the shoulder stretches to help stretch and resolve the muscle imbalances in your shoulders and stay away from messenger bags. It’s a matter of health for this recommendation to be made. Next, let’s talk about the style of these professional laptop bags.

The Style

I will assume most of us will accept an all silver/grey or black colors for the laptop bags I’m posting below. I will also assume you have a 15.6 inch laptop. Two of these backpacks have 17-inch options but most professional laptop backpacks or messenger bags show a 15 inch biased in manufacturing. So we can agree that you don’t necessarily want to walk into the office while sporting a bright red and orange spandex material on your back. If you did, I would be 100% positive that you don’t need my help with fashion. My favorite style of the three laptop bags has to be given to the Timbuk2 Armory bag.

I think the smallest backpack recommendation is the best because the Timbuk2 San Francisco Armory Pack has a great offering in its 15.6 laptop size. The muted grey color and convenient compartments have the essentials. I say essentials because there are very few pockets or compartments when you compare it to other bags.

Timbuk2 Armory Pack in the Woods Sunset Laptop Backpack
The Timbuk2 Armory Pack | I took this picture in the woods of NC

The Laptop Compartment

Laptop bags The snugness gives me a sense of security. It feels like it was made for my laptop. Other bags leave computers loose so I really appreciate the feeling.

Professional Laptop Pockets Have Room For:

  • A Journal
  • Laptop & Power Cords
  • Headphones
  • Pens
  • Folders
  • Portable Charging Bricks

If you want all the storage and pockets you can squeeze in a laptop bag go for the peak designs everyday bag. Its hitting the urban styler and pocket divider needs right where they need to. Zippers reveal sweet delectable organization real estate you can’t resist. A true organization person will appreciate this touch.


The laptop resting inside the bag isn’t the most valuable asset in the bag. Its your WORK. Losing the data, excel spreadsheets, notes, presentations, ect. Is what keeps me up at night. I’m glad I don’t drink coffee at coffee shops while I type blogs out. Even if the rest of the world can bring their laptop to the bathroom with them. I’ll just plan accordingly.

I’m writing about gaming laptops and my major criticism is they are too loud. Bright colors, crazy designs, engravings, all grab unwanted attention. You don’t want to carry a piece of marketing materials while you’re on the move with work supplies. I won’t be offering “Hey-You-Can PAWN-me” bags.

Laptop Protection

Computer World did a great test between a few laptop bags on much protection a laptop bag can actually offer in a more objective findings data-y way. I found the number 1 spot didn’t really win the test. The Booq bag Cobra Squeeze won. The Booq bag was close to the protetcion numbers for the short drop was a few joules less than #1. However, the Booq bag crushed the Joule protection rating from the highest distance from the floor. I want to protect my Apple Macbook Prpo in THAT bag. Not the cheaper “but-better-in-close falls” winner.

I reccomend you check out the Timbuk2 above because the padding around the bag thick and it really is strudy and protected in it.

The ebags option is also very sturdy but it doesn’t hug the laptop or feel as “beefy” in the defense department.

Build Quality

Will these laptop bags last? If you dug as far as I have into the laptop bag reviews I notice the big names in bag manufacturers are cutting more and more corners to increase profit at the manufacturing level. What once had thick straps, heavy stitching, secured metal zippers are now the cheaper plastic-y versions.

The Timbuk2 laptop backpack has nailed it in the build quality arena. The zippers feel strong, the straps feel strong, but the stitching looks like it could be worn down in age. I don’t stitch or sow, this is out of my element when it comes to critiquing but the stitching looks thin. I wouldn’t feel confident getting this soaked in the rain.

Most of these professional bags are made with the idea of rain being your main weather concern. So most are not sealed tight and labeled “waterproof. Most will say they are scratch-resistant and call it a day. A few are waterproof like the peak designs laptop. The Timbuk2 and eBags Professional bag are both water-resistant and can be relied on in normal rain conditions. Don’t submerge them in water. I know, I like to take my bags in with me for bath-time but try to resist.

The Compliment Grabber

I haven’t recieved any complimengts on my laptop bags or how professional I look with my functional luggage. However, I can share the Amazon reviews of others that can get compliments on items for the charisma they carry on a daily basis.

5-Star Reviews
I do so much better with the ladies with this laptop bag on! There’s no way I don’t look like I have a job when I bring the whole office with me wherever I go!

The Professional Legend
The legend out in Silicon Valley says that we are all looking to buy things to fit into our environments. If you are trying to fit in, chances are the people in the office bring in suitcases. If you ask me, messenger bags resulted from a briefcase revolt. The breifcase revolt brought on the new laptop backpack revolution.

Whichever laptop bag you choose I hope you find what you are looking for. I have listed the best bags that have the best professional offering on the market. Think I missed something? Drop a comment below and let me know what you think the best professional laptop bags are.

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