The Best Slim Laptop Bag & 2 Competitors

I wrote the title in a way to show there’s a clear winner for the best slim laptop bag. It is now common for slim laptop backpacks and messenger style bags to be available but they lack that very thing. Style. I will be showing the best-styled pack along with the slimmest.

The best slim laptop bag is Timbuk2’s Armory Pack. The eBags Professional Slim or the Moleskine Classic Slim Messenger bag comes in close second and third place respectively.

Timbuk2’s Slim Laptop Bag Amory Pack is King

Timbuk2’s slim laptop bag is a slim backpack. I guess you’re wondering how a backpack made it to the top of a slim laptop bag list? Surely there are more messenger bags that would win in the slim department? I would agree with that, but messenger backs lack what this pack offers you. Options. Messenger bags are by nature, thinner bags. However, thinner messenger bags don’t have the same storage that backpacks do. Also, I assume we can agree, an ultra-thin messenger back is not more useful just because it is thinner. I’m looking at a slim to storage ratio that can store a day’s worth of work documents to travel with. I wrote in more detail about Timbuk2’s Armory Pack here if you want to learn more about it and see more pictures.

How Slim Is It?

First, how slim is this bad boy? The Armory Pack is 4 inches thick when you strap the side straps together. This laptop pack not only offers two large pockets, but also:

  • Organizational Storage
  • Dedicated Side Zipper Pocket for a Phone
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Pen Slips
  • Biking Straps

4 inches thick, 21 inches long, and 14 inches wide offers a lot of backpack room. It is lightweight, slim, compact, and many other adjectives that help describe a minimal sizing footprint. This is a slim, but useful laptop case.

How Long Will Timbuk2’s Armory Pack Last?

I have a blog where I go over the finer points of the Timbuk2 Armory Pack. The build quality of this backpack is rock solid. The bag feels strong your hands. Timbuk2 offers a lifetime warranty on all their bags. I can see why. I’m sure the lifetime warranty is carefully worded to protect themselves from accidental damage. They have a custom bag manufacturing plant in the U.S. but their commercial bags like the Armory Pack are made in China. If you are looking for a slim pack made in America this list, is not for you.

eBags Professional Slim Laptop Bag

eBags comes with a very persuasive offering. This is a 17inch laptop back measuring at 5.5 inches thick. It’s hard to find a slim laptop backpack that will accept the giants of the laptop world. This is not the most stylish bag you can find though. It doesn’t look ugly, it just looks average. This bag is slim for a 17-inch laptop bag, it doesn’t try to razzle-dazzle while helping you move your work around your city. Its got the making of an ole’ reliable bag. Next, let us look at what this level of slim brings to the table.

How Thick Or Slim Is It?

This is 5 and a half inches thick. It’s not the thinnest or slim bag of the list, but having a slimmer option for a 17inch laptop backpack is worth mentioning. What it lacks in skinniness it makes up for it in:

  • 3 Zipper Pockets
  • Organizational Storage
  • Tablet sleeve
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Phone Side Pocket

This bag has enough compartments and storage to hold you over of a 14 hour workday. You can hold your snacks, drink, and work materials all in one place. This is a wide backpack. If you need to be nimble or are a small shouldered person, I recommend the Timbuk2 Amory Pack if you don’t have a 17-in Laptop. If you need a messenger bag or prefer them better, I recommend the Moleskine Classic.

How Long Will The eBags Backpack Last?

eBags is as confident behind their manufacturing as Timbuk2. You can depend on a lifetime manufacturer warranty. Don’t take a chainsaw to it and expect to get a replacement though. This bag feels very durable in the hands and offers a sense of security for my ASUS gaming laptop. I’ve not had my personal 2019 version very long, but I can foresee it lasting for many years.

Moleskine Classic Slim Messenger Bag

This thin messenger bag is ultra-thin! I think this was made for the Macbook or series. This is made for a 13-inch laptop or notebook. HP has a few ultra-books that pack some beefy processing power in their 13-inch offerings. You can get some serious work done on a 13-inch laptop these days. This bag won’t hold an amazing Netflix machine, but it will keep it from getting wet from its moisture-resistant material of polyurethane. I’ll speak more about that in the durability paragraph towards the end. This is a great choice if you are looking for one of the most useful and slimmest laptop messenger bags in town.

How slim are we talking?

2 3/4 inches thick. That is an ultra-thin case! This messenger bag can hold a 13-inch Macbook Air with ease and hold some work documents as well. The organizational storage is a nice touch for this kind of laptop bag. There are pens slots, business card holders, and zipper pockets to hold your dreams. Maybe I’m the only one who dreams about zipper pockets.

Can I Depend On The Moleskine Lasting?

This bag is made from polyurethane. This is the same waterproof material used in rubber gaskets and seals. Roller coaster wheels, escalator wheels, and automotive suspension bushings are made out of this same material. It is a non-toxic, resilient substance that can handle a rainstorm and years of use. I don’t see a warranty on this product but I don’t see a major need for one. This bag doesn’t use soft fabrics to protect a laptop.

The Hunt For The Slim Laptop Bag

I will update this blog with more bags as I find them and test them out. Do you see the value that the Armory Pack provides in the slim arena? Do you want the thinnest back you can find no matter how “useful” a blogger thinks it could be? I am partial to backpacks due to their health benefits of not resting on one shoulder. Muscle imbalances make for an increased risk of shoulder and back pain for most Americans. BAckpacks, if worn correctly, can help prevent chronic pain. Let me know what you think below in the comments section. If I’m missing out on a sweet slim bag I want to know about it!

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