Brinch Laptop Backpack Bag Review

I will be reviewing the Brinch backpack and all its glory and pitfalls. This is going to be a short but important dive into the bag. But first, let me tell you a story.

I was in 5th grade and my backpack looked like a 2-month old based on the back of a Walmart bag. The worst part of this wasn’t that I looked like a misfortuned youth. It was that my mother intentionally bought the bag at all. Worse! Now that I look back. About half of the neighborhood had straight-up ugly backpacks on. The selection was crap back in 1997. Now that I’ve shown my age and my mother’s bad taste in backpack selection. I think you know where I’ll be starting this review.

Table of Contents

The Brinch Bag Style
The Brinch Bag Pockets
17-inch Laptop Backpack Compartment
How Long Will This Glorified Book Bag Last?
1-Star Amazon Reviews
5-Star Amazon Reviews
Would I Go To Brunch with Brinch?

The Brinch Bag Style

Man, I wish the style we see today could be what I had in elementary school. There’s not much to say about the style of the socko bag. You will like the look if you enjoy:

  • Modern Vibes
  • Straight Lines
  • Clean Presentation
  • Muted colors
  • Bright Zippers
  • And an “I’m fly like a Silicon Valley guy” vibe

The Brinch Bag Pockets

Now only two of the zipper pockets on this backpack can I consider actual pockets. These OG pockets are the ones on each side of the Socko bag. These typical storage compartments are pretty spacious. You can fit plenty of life-saving medicine, cures for cancer research reports, or general luggage and baggage. My parents not loving me is a baggage SOCKO didn’t plan to hold though. You can fit plenty of “distract me from my life problem“ gadgets in here like:

Brinch Laptop Backpack Bag Laptop Pockets
  • Headphones
  • MP3 players (lol)
  • Charging Cables
  • Battery Chargers/Power Banks
  • Computer Accessories
  • All The Cables You Don’t Need
  • General School or Work Supplies

These clean photos remind me of why I shouldn’t take my own photos of the products I review. My home is a dark hole for cameras. The second I try to get a good picture of something in here, there seems to never be enough light! My house has windows! My camera acts like they don’t exist. I don’t understand.

17-inch Laptop Backpack Compartment

The main compartment/storage space/emptiness that opens from the top of the bag shows plenty of room for your full size 17in laptop. I hope you’re sharing some of that screen for Netflix the in library. My mother didn’t teach me about style growing up, but if there was a 17in pizza coming to the door she gave a mother Teresa quality lesson on sharing.

Brinch Laptop Backpack Pockets
Boss Pockets on Display

The main storage compartment is really where this laptop backpack shines in my opinion. There’s plenty of space after inserting your 17in laptop. There is so much room for activities and items like:

  • Clothes
  • Large Textbooks
  • 3” 3 Ring Binders
  • A Small Science project
  • Prank supplies
  • My hopes and dreams for this blog(maybe that’s just for me)
  • A PS4 and Xbox One with controllers
  • A full-size on-location makeup kit
  • Full Frame Camera and Lenses
  • More things 4-6 inches Thick

This list could almost be endless because laptop bags can be so useful to nerds like me. I have everything on this list. I’m not a big fan of clothes though. I maybe not wearing any while I’m typing this up. TMI? Yes? Next on the list, is how long this baby should last us.

How Long Will This Glorified Book Bag Last?

The durability of this pack is still up for debate. Here are a few 1-star reviews that match a 60-day destruction countdown. The 30-day return window is gracious and in my experience, if you don’t chronically refund Amazon, they’ll bend the rules for you and get your money back.

1-Star Amazon Reviews

1.0 out of 5 stars

Not worth it, buy a better one!
Don’t get this backpack…. it’s a rectangle that doesn’t sit on your shoulders right and the most annoying part is that the velcro on the back doesn’t stick anymore, so I have a flap that just flops around all day. Not worth it. I’ve only had it for like 2 months
June 5, 2018

1.0 out of 5 stars

Very disappointed. Not able to return
After less then 2 months of use the zipper broke. Very disappointed. Not able to return. It was only 30 days.
October 22, 2017

The 1-star reviews seem fishy to me here. NONE of the 1-star reviewers (There’s more than two) have given photographic evidence of a durability or ripping problem with the bag! The 5-star reviewers have pictures and videos about their new backpack and how much they love it. Reviewers have commented that the bag is sown and doubled layered on zippers to prevent tearing. These 5-stars could be clever marketing with fake reviews. Maybe. I find it strange that this item you are made enough about to write an angry review wouldn’t post the “piece of trash” for all to see.

5-Star Amazon Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars

Best Backpack, Ever.
SUCH AMAZING QUALITY! Especially for the price. Everything is double stitched to prevent ripping, zippers are smooth, grey color is amazing and sleek looking. My husband is so excited he wants to leave work to come get it! LOL. He is a web developer so he has two macbooks he needs to carry around all the time, so the fact that this bag also has the anti theft main pocket is great. So happy with this purchase.
Also they include a protective plastic sleeve on the backpack for shipping. Great touch!
March 31, 2017

5.0 out of 5 stars

For the Price, You Can’t Find Much Better
Just received this yesterday. I was worried it wouldn’t fit my 17″ MSI gaming laptop, but it does. It has a strap with Velcro meant to strap over the laptop and secure it. Mine gets very stretched when I try to strap it over my large laptop. It does stretch and it does work, but I am worried about stretching it out. Will update on that as I use it more.
This thing is pretty big. I am 6’3″ and 200 lbs and it looks fairly large on me — it will be big for some people. I like it, though.

Would I Go To Brunch with Brinch?

This is a highly reviewed laptop bag. The design is very modern and comes with a whopping 17-inch laptop compartment. The look and feel of the pockets tell the story of a bag wanting more electronics than books to snuggle up against. 

SOCKO produced a bag for a commute to school or work. This is a stylish alternative to the cheap Jansport book bags. This bag casts a big ray of light on the reason I started this blog.  

If you’d like more pictures, information, or a better writer to convey Brinch’s strong but sensitive sides please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or email me. Check out the Brinch laptop bag here.

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