What Backpacks are good for your back?

If you suffer from neck, back or shoulder pain you’ll be wanting to know what backpacks are for your back. It sucks coming home after long hours of a commute to school and work. I’ve worked on a college campus, imagine the walking and extra wear and tear I made on my back. Luckily I have found what backpacks are good for your back.

Backpacks with air mesh S belt shoulder straps, air mesh backpacking, and preferably a spinal curve inlay. Find one with a chest strap for added back support. Try the REI co-op Flash 22.

If you’re not crazy about the hiking look, there are some alternative style backpack options below.

Stylish Backpacks Easy on Your Back

The Incase Icon Backpack

This is the main competitor to the REI co-op. I’ll post more options in the future. Check out the alternative backpack here.


If you have a great laptop back or backpack that’s easy on the back please post it in the comments below. Easy on the back backpacks warrant a more “out in the field” kind of testing. I value a recommendation from someone who have walked for months with thier backpack than to trust the marketing features on a website.

Thank you for taking the time to read this easily digested blog post dedicated to what backpacks are the best for your back. I hope I shared some valuable information on the topic. Finding a backpack with a spinal column inlay is tough, but not impossible. I think manufacturers don’t make these spinal friendly options often because that may infer they are the reason for bad backs. I hope that’s not the case, but I’m feeling a little conspiracy theory coming on tonight. If you’re looking for some professional laptop backpacks check my post on it here.

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